Create a client record

ParameterMandatoryDescriptionExamplesMore Info
APIYesThe API areaclients.json
GeneralYesParameters described in overviewuser=user&password=user&version=3.8v3.8 Overview
ActionYesThe action to performaction=create
InputYesJSON stringSee below
JSON InputMandatoryDescriptionExamples
clientCategoryYesClient category"clientCategory":3
clientCodeYesClient code"clientCode":"1/BLOGG1"
clientnameYesClient name"clientname":"Bloggs Ltd"
clientCompanyNumberYesClient company number"clientCompanyNumber":1

Client category is either 1 (lead) 2 (prospect) or 3 (client).

Note: if a lead is created yous should also make a second call to create a related client contact for the lead

Example request:

  "data": [
      "clientCategory": 3,
      "clientCode": "1/BLOGG1",
      "clientname": "Bloggs Ltd",
      "clientCompanyNumber": 1

Example response:

  "responsecode": 1,
  "responsestatus": "OK",
  "errorcode": 0,
  "errormessage": "",
  "responsemessage": "data processed successfully.",
  "warningmessage": "",
  "success": true,
  "data": [
      "clientUuid": "AC80A6A24CB212439157C8DFD4F9AC5A",
      "clientCode": "1/P2027",
      "clientTimeStampModified": 1532593065,
      "clientRecordVersionNumber": 0