User list (minimum)

ParameterMandatoryDescriptionExamplesMore Info
APIYesThe API areausers.json
GeneralYesParameters described in overviewuser=user&password=user&version=3.7v3.7 Overview
Model StructureYesName of model requiredmodelstructure=userminimumUsing data models
ViewNoStored filter appliedUsing views
SortNoChange the view's default sort ordersort=CLIENTSorting
FiltersNoFilter by a key fieldFilters

Get a single user by passing UUID in filters. Eg: uuid=EE096758FAFA3541AA8383834734C739

Example request:


Example response:

"responsecode": 1,
"responsestatus": "OK",
"errorcode": 0,
"errormessage": "",
"totalrows": 282,
"totalpages": 1,
"responsemessage": "",
"pagerows": 0,
"pagenumber": 1,
"success": true,
"synversion": "12.690q",
"synapiversion": 3.7,
"data": [
"userUserId": 568,
"userInitials": "AAD",
"userFullName": "Aaron Dyson"
"userUserId": 499,
"userInitials": "AC2",
"userFullName": "Adele Clarke"