Key parameters

Example call - all possible standard parameters

This example is from the activities API. However, similar parameters can be used in most API calls.

ActionDefines the API call.action=updateIf not specified records for the API area are returned, or its structure
Parameters described in overviewuser=user&password=user&version=3.7Username, password and API versionv3.7 Overview
CompanyThe company contextcompany=1Synergist company
StyleWhich kind of data is requiredstyle=modelstructure / style=modeldataRequest either meta-data (structure) or actual dataUsing models
ModelstructureName of model requiredModelstructure=activitylist / Modelstructure=activitydetailsDefines the fields returned. There are two available modelsUsing models
ActivityidID of a specific recordactivityid=4833Used to identify a specific record or filter the output using a key fieldFilters
ViewID for a pre-existing query (called a “view”)view=-1700Use the “views.json” call to obtain these valuesTable of views
CollectionData collection supportcollection=new / collection=Optional - used to improve API performance (advanced option)
TypeThe data areatype=activitySpecifies the area this API all relates toWhich API to use
InputJSON array{"data":[{"activityDetails":"Meeting at BoundryMill","activityID":6958,"activityRecordVersionNumber":1}]}Passing data array to an API request
PageData page to returnpage=1Page numbering starts at 0
RowsNumber of records/rows to return.rows=20 = return all rows
ResponseReturned dataSee belowA JSON string containing the data available for this area, for the specified company/user