Structure of an API call

Synergist API call

This URL would get system information.

GET /jsonapi/system.json?user=user&password=user&action=version&version=3.8

Called using a browser



"responsecode": 1,
"responsestatus": "OK",
"errorcode": 0,
"errormessage": "",
"responsemessage": "",
"warningmessage": "",
"success": true,
"data": [
"uuid": "E646889F48DD423CA1300491A31E8C50",
"systemparameters_versionno": 12.7,
"systemparameters_versionrevision": "d",
"variable_apiversion": "3.8"

General parameters for all requests:

UserSynergist login ID
PasswordSynergist password
VersionVersion of the API – currently 3.8
Page (optional)Data page to return, page numbering starts at 0
Rows (optional)Number of records/rows to return. 0 = return all rows

The API supports SHA512 encryption of passwords. Replace 'password' with 'sha512password' and pass the hashed password instead. see Hashing - Sha512



JSON Response

When a response is sent which contains multiple records, the root of the JSON string will have the following attributes:

TotalrowsThis will be the total number of records/rows in the selection, regardless of page requested
TotalpagesThis will be the total number of pages available, based on the rows parameter supplied
PagenumberThe current page returned in the set
PagerowsNumber of rows requested

A successful response will contain the following attributes at root level:

ResponsemessageA context response message
ResponsecodeResponse code indicator
ErrormessageEmpty string
DataThe root json element containing the data result rows

A response error will contain the following attributes at root level:

ErrormessageAny error context message
ErrorcodeResponse code indicator

In case of any error, the Synergist server will return an HTTP 404 error together with an XML structure containing the error details:

    <Error ErrorID="404500">
        <ErrorText>invalid action companylist</ErrorText>

Error codes