Supplier List

Returns a list of expense sheet suppliers.

ParameterMandatoryDescriptionExamplesMore Info
APIYesThe API areaexpensesheets.json
GeneralYesParameters described in overviewuser=user&password=user&version=3.7v3.7 Overview
CompanyYesThe company numbercompany=16
ActionYesThe action to performaction=supplierlist

Example request:


Example response:

supplierSettingsObject will either return a null value or a set of settings fields, These settings fields will only be returned if they have had their value explicitly set.

"responsecode": 1,
"responsestatus": "OK",
"errorcode": 0,
"errormessage": "",
"totalrows": 1,
"totalpages": 1,
"responsemessage": "",
"pagerows": 0,
"pagenumber": 1,
"success": true,
"data": [
"supplieruuid": "DB41D3826892184B8B3951A1B8C79279",
"supplierTimeStampModified": 1605014776,
"supplierRecordVersionNumber": 3,
"supplierCurrencyCode": "16/EUR",
"supplierMultiCurrency": true,
"supplierName": "User - Andy",
"supplierSettingsObject": {
"PostExpensesInDefaultCurrency": true
"supplierCode": "16/S123487"